A bit about me and my kitchen adventure!

Hi, I’m Kari, a self-taught cook and baker and mom and wife. Kari’s kitchen adventure takes place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and I’m happy you are joining me!

I love to bake pretty much everything, though my favourite bakes are muffins and breads. I’m a pretty practical person and I just think you can never have too much bread or too many muffins, don’t you agree? I also enjoy challenging myself to create and adapt recipes for healthier or vegan or non-dairy diets while not compromising the taste. Not a fan of coconut flavoured pie crust? I know I’m not! Not to mention, no thank you to it’s texture! As a perfectionist I refuse to accept less than the best quality. I was going to say produce, but I have definitely produced things that weren’t great due to faulty recipes- we all have! Andy, my easy-to-please husband, loves everything I create, while on the other hand, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep all of the kids happy (there are 5!) As for me, I’m definitely my own biggest critic.

There is nothing quite like tasting something I’ve whipped up and thinking “wow, I made something amazing!” Hey, I’m not a fussy eater- I was raised to clean my plate (would anyone like some liver?), but I’m more particular these days about what deserves a place in my stomach than I once was!

Plans for Kari’s Kitchen Adventure

This blog will be home to new recipes that I have created, that I hope will be enjoyed by many of my readers!(Why don’t you start with trying one of my faves- Triple Chocolate Chip Muffins!) I will also post kitchen tips and recommendations for other amazing bakes from other bloggers or websites!

I hope you enjoy following my kitchen adventure!


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