Favourite Vegan Foods

With all of my food intolerances and my daughters dairy intolerance, we have some favourite vegan items! Oftentimes things that are gluten-free are also vegan, likely because the brand wants to be as inclusive as possible. Today I am going to share some of my favourite vegan foods with you!

JUST Plant Egg

Vegan Plant egg

I was thrilled when I found out this product existed! Despite LOVING eggs, I have a serious intolerance to whole eggs. I miss out on bacon and eggs, breakfast sandwiches, french toast… You get the point! This particular product is $8.99 for 4 folded plant eggs, which is definitely pricey, but it is totally worth it! Made with mung beans, the texture (in my opinion!) is quite similar to egg, and the taste is also pretty spot on! Fry it up on a frying pan and add it to a breakfast sandwich. Perfection!

Editing to add that I have found them for about $2.50 cheaper at Walmart! I also found a second JUST Egg product in the alternative section at the Superstore! A liquid version! I tried this in ramen, used it to make french toast and in my baking! I highly recomend this product!

Plant-based Sour Cream Alternative

This one is made with coconut cream and is a very decent alternative to sour cream! I like to use it in my dairy-free baking! The brand is presidents choice. Their plant-based brand is pretty reliable for great taste! This alternative is definitely one my favourite vegan foods!

Plant-based Mayo-style Spread

Another PC Plant-based product that I love! With an egg intolerance, it can be super frustrating when it comes to making tasty sandwiches! For years I stuck with mustard only, but ever since I switched to plant-based mayo, I can enjoy whatever sandwich I want- tuna isn’t great with mustard, so SCORE!!!

Gluten Free Waffles!

The PC brand of gluten free waffles is also dairy-free, although they don’t advertise it as such. My daughter loves these for breakfast, and I agree they are tasty! They also don’t hurt my stomach like the regular brand frozen waffles. Winning!

Earth Island Cheddar Shreds

Okay, so finding vegan cheese that tastes decent is HARD! But this particular brand is decent, but ONLY for the shreds. I have yet to find a block or slice of vegan cheese that is acceptable for my own, or my daughters palette! If you have any suggestions, definitely leave a comment below!

vegan butter

Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Sticks

I bake with a few different types of vegan butter, but this one is my favourite to use. In second place I would have to say that Becel plant-based also steps up very nicely, when not using real butter!


There are several options for dairy-free milk, and everyone has their preference. Milkadamia is my preference. It is unsweetened and it smells and tastes delicious! I typically can not enjoy anything but cows milk in my coffee or tea, but this particular milk is the exception! I also love to use this in my baking, and my daughter likes it with her cereal!

I will add more as I think of more of my faves or as I find others! Hope this list has helped you to find great dairy-free or vegan alternatives!

Be sure to check out my vegan pumpkin blueberry muffins in the meantime 😉

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