Oreo Buttercream Frosting

Oreo birthday Cake with Oreo Buttercream Frosting

Last year for my sons birthday party, I decided to make a birthday cake that would wow the kids, instead of buying a cheap grocery store one. My son asked for an Oreo cake and I came across this Oreo frosting on Pinterest.

My decorating skills are a work in progress, but I am still very proud of this creation. The kids were wowed and the parents even more so. They definitely wondered why this crazy lady put so much effort into a kids mini-golf birthday party. I wondered as well, afterward!

I used store bought Oreo crumbs for this instead of crushing my own. My youngest was 6 months at the time, so I had to use my time wisely! The recipe yielded more than I actually needed for the cake pictured about, so I froze the leftovers and used them for cupcakes later on. There was no change in the quality after it thawed. Find the recipe here, on Chelsweets!(I talk about another recipe on Chelsweets, here!

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