The Best Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins

The Best Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins
These bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins are simply the best!

The other day I wrote about the best lemon blueberry muffin. Well, this recipe for the best bakery style chocolate chip muffins, is my go to chocolate chip muffin recipe It is a recipe from Sally’s baking Addiction.

Today I decided I was going to make them using coconut oil and I have to say it is the first time I was disappointed by the finished product. I don’t feel as though coconut oil offers this muffin any favours at all. I usually use extra virgin olive oil or vegetable oil, but I have a big Costco jar of coconut oil in my cupboards that sometimes calls my name. In this case, the coconut oil takes away from the flavour in a huge way, and the crumb isn’t as moist.

Nonetheless, I still recommend this recipe as the best bakery style chocolate chip muffin, just DON’T use coconut oil. Let’s talk about the more positive notes of this recipe, shall we? Notice in the photos, how the muffin bottom is clean and smooth. This is one chocolate chip muffin recipe where a liner is not needed. Sometimes with other recipes, a greased muffin pan isn’t enough to prevent the chocolate chips from sticking to the bottom when removing them, but not this one! I prefer not to use liners for a few reasons, mostly because it’s less waste, but also because it is a prettier product! Many people prefer to use a liner because it can help preserve the moisture within the muffin, and also because it leaves less mess in the tin. Around here, muffins don’t last long enough to worry about freshness.

Other tips for the best bakery style chocolate chip muffins:

1. Always add the optional nutmeg, it helps the flavours pop!

2. Use olive oil instead of vegetable. It gives the muffins a more moist and rich crumb.

3. Use vanilla flavoured yogurt instead of plain, it helps enhance the flavours and of course makes it more sweet!

4. Wait until the muffins are completely cooled off. They taste way better!

5. Use more than the recommended amount of 1.5 cups of chocolate chips if you like a more chocolatey muffin.

Find the recipe by clicking here.

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