The Best Baking Blogs- Part One

Over the past few years I have spent much time on google and Pinterest looking for the best recipes. More time than I’d really care to admit actually… Anyway, I’m quite sure that there are many blogs that I have not even found yet (I only just found a new favourite this week, which you can see in this post), but here is a list of the ones I currently love and deem to be the best baking blogs.

Sally’s Baking Addiction

Beautiful marbled cupcakes that my daughter and I made from Sally’s Baking Addiction. We sprinkled gold dust and chocolate shavings on top.

Sally’s baking addiction is one of my favorite blogs to follow. Not only does she use weighed measurements, her recipes are always reliable and clear. It is very clear that she puts a lot of effort and time into building and testing her recipes. She has three published cookbooks as well. I feel it is also worth pointing out that her blog is super easy to navigate, which is pretty important to me! Some of my favourite recipes of Sally’s include her blueberry oatmeal muffins, her bakery style chocolate chip muffins and her marbled cupcakes.

Her blueberry oatmeal muffins include soaking oatmeal with milk for 20 minutes to create a beautifully smooth texture, as well as honey for sweetener. I have used this recipe many times and the texture is always pleasing to me. Her bakery style chocolate chip muffins includes ground nutmeg to complement the butter flavour and create a true bakery experience.

The marbled cupcakes. These were so fun to make. I am more of a muffin person, (they seem healthier which means less guilt!), but my eldest daughter and I made these last year for a friends 40th birthday party. They were a hit! They tasted AMAZING and they looked gorgeous, as you can see in the photo! My daughter decorated them, so I can’t take credit for how pretty they turned out!

Don’t forget to check out her blog here to find quality baking recipes and really helpful tips and tricks. I know I have learned a lot from this blog and I am certain you will also find that hers is one of the best baking blogs!

Cookie and Kate

C&K’s Healthy banana bread. (I promise I’ll up my photography game in the future!)

Kate (or Kathryne), from Cookie and Kate, is another fantastic blog to follow. She creates healthy vegetarian recipes and also has her own cookbook! Cookie and Kate is my go-to blog for when I am looking for a healthy breakfast recipe, or for when I need to prepare a vegetarian dinner. Her Vegetarian Chili is really good and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to whip up a quality vegetarian meal.

Another one of my favourite recipes she has blessed us with, is her super moist healthy apple muffins. The texture and taste are SPOT ON! Often times whole wheat recipes can create dry and bland muffins, but it is the exact opposite in the case of this muffin recipe. Definitely make sure to follow her blog for great quality, healthy recipes.

Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate Covered Katie’s Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies– so delicious!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Chocolate Covered Katie is on this list of the best baking blogs! Katie has given us many healthy recipes and has been featured in many magazines and on television. Katie is amazing at creating healthy desserts that both taste great and are great for you! If, like me, you like to hide fruit and veggies in baked goods, her recipes are for you! I am definitely the only person in my household who loves the addition of pumpkin or sweet potato in a baked good, but I can always get away with zucchini or banana. This chocolate zucchini bread is a must make! So moist and flavourful, you actually forget that it is healthy!

Another absolute favourite is her cream cheese chocolate chip cookies. These cookies are the BEST! It calls for vegan cream cheese, but I use regular and it comes out heavenly. On the left, I have these cookies that I just baked a batch of today! They are easily my step-son’s favourite cookies! My son likes them too, but he got annoyed with me for not telling him about the cream cheese! It’s been a year now and he still brings it up!

She also has a extensive list of healthy vegetarian and vegan dinner recipes. Check out her blog here.

This is my first list of the best baking blogs. I will make another post with other baking blogs that I enjoy. Stay tuned!

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